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Time Management

Why measuring matters!

Frequently, students have been told that they need to boost their time management skills, a common phrase they have heard, but one that can be hard to understand how to improve. Defining time in a way they can comprehend empowers students to manage their tasks for improved completion. A clear and workable time management definition is a great starting point for students who struggle with increasingly demanding schedules. When students are aware of their time and tasks, their decision-making improves, as does their capacity to prioritize. 


What are the benefits of time management?  Students who feel more in control which in turn, reduces anxiety.  The less anxiety a student feels, the more capable they are to follow through.


How to Improve Time Management? Why do students need a picture to plan?

  1. Students first need to see how they’re currently spending their time and evaluate if it’s adequate.
  2. Brainstorming activities and placing them in a specific time on the calendar allows them to ‘see’ commitments in one place. This process can identify potential conflicts which will expose choices when students can begin prioritizing and problem-solving.
  3. Students cannot prioritize or solve what they cannot see.
  4. Students who learn to build their week ahead of time using effective and proven time management tips have an easier time in college (and eventually the workforce) making decisions about how they spend their time.


What is necessary to learn Time Management Techniques?

  1. Awareness of where one’s time is being spent currently.
  2. Visual Support (calendar) that combines time and tasks in one place so students can identify if there is a conflict – a picture is worth a thousand words.
  3. Designated time to look ahead to plan accordingly.
  4. Practice looking ahead and planning.


Why is Time Management Important?

Just because students think ahead doesn’t always mean they can ‘see’ problems and make decisions to successfully solve them. Sometimes they need a picture to talk it through so the problem becomes obvious. Students cannot prioritize what they cannot see. Having a strong foundation of time management strategies provides them with a lense that will reduce anxiety, eliminate feelings of helplessness from expanding workloads, and ultimately set them up for a bright future. Awareness is the beginning of learning. Awareness is the beginning of learning.

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