About Rachael Barron

Rachael has spent her professional career coaching and solving complex educational problems. From applying problem solving and vision casting skills in the business environment through applying these principles to the education realm, she excels at helping individual students and families find educational success. Prior to founding Effective Students, Rachael solved complex educational problems in her role as an educational advocate mastering the maze of finding solutions for families within Georgia’s public and private schools, helping the most difficult learners find success.

Most importantly, she is a mother to three amazing young men, all of whom had struggled with learning differences.

Rachael now spends all of her time working with children, young adults, and families who struggle with similar experiences of ADHD, dyslexia and even developmental disabilities. She is focused on helping them achieve success in their school environment and acquiring a set of self-management skills that last a lifetime.

Entries by Rachael Barron

How to Choose an Executive Function Planner for Students

As the new academic year begins, back-to-school shopping is well underway, and, as you review your student’s school supply list, you’ll likely find one necessary school supply listed: a planner. This vital resource can keep students organized as they learn how to tackle what the new year brings.  Although keeping up with assignments is crucial […]

Quick Guide: Teaching Executive Functioning to High School Students

Many students’ transition to high school can be difficult, especially if they don’t have the necessary executive functioning skills. According to a 2010 study on academic vulnerability and resilience during the transition to high school,  “The transition to high school is a critical stage in students’ academic trajectories and can be especially difficult for middle […]

5 Benefits of ADHD Academic Coaching

Students with ADHD often struggle with executive functioning, meaning they can have difficulty starting and finishing tasks. However, executive functioning skills that these students need to succeed are teachable. Harvard University defines executive functions as learned skills that allow you to “plan ahead and meet goals, display self-control, follow multiple-step directions even when interrupted, and […]

What Is an Executive Functioning Coach?

Today’s world is full of growing distractions. Even within the classroom, students need to have developed or be developing effective executive functioning skills in order to wade through the plethora of screens, events, and other distractions competing for their attention in order to achieve their goals. An executive functioning coach can equip students with specific […]

Executive Dysfunction vs. Procrastination: Understanding the Difference in Students

When your student puts off their work, you may find yourself asking: are they simply procrastinating? Procrastination is tied closely to the behavioral condition called executive dysfunction—to the point where the two terms are often confused or misused. In this article, we’ll define and differentiate executive dysfunction and procrastination. What Is Executive Dysfunction? To understand […]

How Schools Can Help Develop Better Students

It is no secret that to retain information one must study. Whether it is for a test in school or a new workflow at a job, a person needs to have a method in place for learning new material. Unless gifted with a photographic memory, you need to have study techniques in place to absorb […]

How to Stop Procrastinating Homework

Procrastination creates stress for students and can impact the production of quality work.  Putting things off, for all of us, creates an overall feeling of things hanging over our heads and never being free from responsibility.   When students procrastinate, they can create a situation that makes it difficult to self-regulate.  When a student is not […]

Helping Your Child Develop Self-Regulation Skills

Setbacks are a natural part of life. The perfect plan is usually too good to be true and is often never executed as intended; there’s almost always a pesky roadblock that keeps things from running smoothly. Whether that be a pop quiz that messes with a student’s chances of getting an A in a class, […]

Effective Students Partners with Lead Center for Youth – Investing in the L.E.A.D. Ambassadors

Effective Students today announced a new partnership with L.E.A.D. Center for Youth. This partnership will provide executive function coaching to L.E.A.D. student athletes.   “As a sports-based youth development organization, helping our boys understand that the principles and disciplines learned through sport are transferable to their academic environment is vital to their development of academic […]