About Rachael Barron

Rachael has spent her professional career coaching and solving complex educational problems. From applying problem solving and vision casting skills in the business environment through applying these principles to the education realm, she excels at helping individual students and families find educational success. Prior to founding Effective Students, Rachael solved complex educational problems in her role as an educational advocate mastering the maze of finding solutions for families within Georgia’s public and private schools, helping the most difficult learners find success.

Most importantly, she is a mother to three amazing young men, all of whom had struggled with learning differences.

Rachael now spends all of her time working with children, young adults, and families who struggle with similar experiences of ADHD, dyslexia and even developmental disabilities. She is focused on helping them achieve success in their school environment and acquiring a set of self-management skills that last a lifetime.

Entries by Rachael Barron

What to Expect From a Study Strategies class

Parents are often relieved when schools offer Study Strategies classes during the school day.  This time can be exceptionally helpful especially when students have after-school activities, travel to/from school is time-consuming or there is stress between the parent and student when discussing academics.  But how do educators teach study skill strategies and what exactly is […]

How Does ADHD Affect College Students?

As a young student with ADHD, the home setting is a crucial environment for learning and succeeding in school. The structure and support that parents, siblings, and tutors can provide for these learners is crucial in their development and level of achievement in academics. A warm and supportive home fosters the discipline needed for the […]

What is a Growth Mindset?

Parents and students may have heard the term “growth mindset” from their school counselors or seen it printed in an academic handout. Naturally, some of you may be asking why it matters and what it has to do with learning academics. The concept of a growth mindset was first introduced by renowned Stanford psychologist, Carol […]

Social Emotional Learning or Academic Management? 

Executive Functioning Skills Social Emotional Learning or Academic Management? Executive functions are a broad set of skills that occur in the frontal lobe of the brain and take nearly all of adolescence to develop. Children, teens and young adults develop at different rates so you may observe a child appear mature in one area, only […]

Time is a Finite Resource

Time Management Why measuring matters! Frequently, students have been told that they need to boost their time management skills, a common phrase they have heard, but one that can be hard to understand how to improve. Defining time in a way they can comprehend empowers students to manage their tasks for improved completion. A clear […]

Self Care for Kids

Filling the Tank When asked how to improve academic performance, students often repeat what they have been told: “study more” or “study harder.” What is equally important is to take the time to decompress, reset and recenter themselves. Self-care is often discussed in reference to adults, but what does self-care look like for kids?  The […]

How to Build Executive Function Skills: The Coaching Cycle Explained

Developing executive functioning skills is a process. When it comes to helping students build these essential skills, an academic coach makes all the difference. Each student is unique so personalizing the approach and relationship are foundational to success. An effective coach knows how and when to shift between teaching and coaching as they partner with […]

Emotions, Learning Differences & Academic Grit

We all have emotions! Emotions are what make life rich and unique.  Some emotions are positive, some negative, some stronger than others. As parents, we see our children develop emotions as they respond to the world around them.  We can feel the front lines of the raw emotions with our kids.   In fact, tons […]

Self Leadership: Helping Kids Forge Ahead

At what point are we willing to transfer leadership to our children?  It’s an important question because if we want them to be functioning adults, our children will need to lead themselves.  When are they prepared to do this and how do we prepare them?  John Rosemond once said, only one person can be concerned […]