Personalized Coaching

for Developing

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functions are skills that develop from early adolescence through young adulthood that involve self regulation, perspective taking, planning & prioritizing and task completion. Studies show that executive functioning skills are the leading indicators of long term success.  Students are paired with appropriate coaches based on specific developmental needs and personality fit.   

Grade School through College

Specialized instruction includes:

    • Personalized ADHD Coaching
    • Goal Setting, Grit building & Emotional Resilience
    • Study Skills Instruction
    • Time Management, Planning & Prioritizing
    • Resource Evaluation
    • Perspective Taking
    • Task Initiation vs. procrastination
    • Self Agency & Self Advocacy

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Conveniently Located in the Cumberland Area

3225 Cumberland Blvd SE

Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30339

Satellite Offices in Roswell & College Park

Effective Students Group Classes

Students with ADHD often struggle with pursuing goals and sticking with it, impulsivity, self awareness, emotional regulation, making strong friendships and understanding how they appear in class.   Founded in Atlanta, Effective Students provides group classes to help students who may have at times felt isolated and believed they are the only one encountering difficulty.  When participating in our Atlanta group classes, students realize their struggles are not unique to them and like others, they can learn how to improve.  Group sessions are designed to teach students executive functioning skills and create an environment in which to practice them.  

Grit & Growth Mindset Camp

Social Emotional Skill Development for Students Grades 4-6

Forecasting & Study Actions Small Group

Students who have graduated from the Effective Student Workshop or are moving from 1:1 coaching to independence.

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