Our Parents

Our parents were tired of arguing with their kids about assignments. They knew their students could perform better with a little structure and reliable processes. Our parents could see what was missing, but their child was resistant, creating frustration and tension on both sides.  

Every parent wants their child to succeed, but many don’t know how to help when they struggle.  Our parents have learned to preserve sanity and improve relationships.  The Effective Student™ Method simplifies what a student needs to be successful; engaging them in their own learning, working smarter, not harder. 

Where We Can Help You and Your Student: 

  • Give your child the best chance at success in school and for their future through a tried and tested Executive Function curriculum.  
  • Remove the stress of daily management from each other’s lives and focus on bigger goals.
  • Develop academic independence and ultimately, an organized young adult. 
  • Provide your child meaningful lifelong lessons, without you being the teacher, and share in the benefits.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is on the path to self-sufficient study habits.

How we can get there:

 Not sure what’s the best fit for your student?