What is Academic Coaching in College?

Transitioning into college can be overwhelming for many students each year.  Recent figures reveal the dropout rate for college freshmen is 30% and college students generally, 40%.  In this sink or swim environment, students must quickly adapt to a brand new learning dynamic that places increased emphasis upon personal accountability, time management, & related executive function skills. Whether your student struggles in these areas or just wants to improve, the education experts at Effective Students can help. 

Obtaining a college degree can provide valuable benefits including better job opportunities, increased lifetime earning, and more overall economic stability. We understand college is a major personal and financial investment— ensure your investment with college academic coaching services from Effective Students. 


Orientation to Executive Functions in College


Have a rising college freshman?  To help students transition successfully to college, Effective Students offers the Effective College Connection sessions that specifically teach students how to manage their time successfully, plan ahead, self advocate with professors and how to study in college.  Students engage in realistic and practical discussions of how to ensure they are caring for themselves and responsibilities, learn about the role of sleep, how to prioritize and hold themselves accountable.

Now that your student is ready for college academically, make sure they have the resources to transition successfully, thrive in their new environment and make the most of the college experience.

study skills lesson plans


Students Learn How to…

  • Chart a new path as they consider how they may want to reinvent themselves at the next level.
  • Approach time management in a new environment and create structure for themselves within new found independence.
  • Establish boundaries with friends and separating themselves when needed to attend to responsibilities.
  • Approach managing academic expectations including self advocacy and how to study in college.
  • Create habits and skills that will help them achieve their goals.
  • Identify resources at school that are available and how to use them and how to keep track of them digitally.
  • The role of self care including fitness, sleep, food and mental health.
  • Set communication expectations with parents.
  • The role of money, part time job(s) and the dangers of debt.
Along each unit, we will address common pitfalls we see and how to prevent them and/or get out of them.  Students will have an opportunity to self reflect to consider where they stand with these skills today and how they may want to develop them and be held accountable for doing so.
At the end of the course, students have the option to schedule coaching sessions as needed once school begins for support to apply what they’ve learned over the summer.

Have questions about what’s right for your student?

Common College Misconceptions

Professors make study guides for students, schedules for projects, and worksheets to learn content, etc.

Professors/Instructors will warn them when they’re underperforming.

Their newfound freedom and independence will not lead them to slack or coast.

Professors/instructors will give second chances for missed assignments, absences, etc.

To be able to juggle social life successfully (partying, friends, activities) and school without forecasting intentionally.

How Effective Students™ can help

By working directly with an experienced academic coach, your student can improve in the following areas:

  • Awareness of obstacles to success
  • Academic planning and forecasting
  • Personal care, exercise, nutrition, sleep
  • Prioritization
  • Project management
  • Resource utilization (online, in person, at school)
  • Self advocacy 
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Study skills
  • Time management

Try Our Free College Time Management Tool

Are you a college student looking for a time management worksheet? The My Available Time lesson plan by Effective Students. The worksheet will help you build a strong time management foundation. The package includes an example worksheet and a free time management worksheet for download.

Transition to College Successfully


A small investment will give your student the tools to transition smoothly to college while giving you the peace of mind they are on track. Your student will learn to overcome typical freshman hurdles without being too stressed!  Sign Up – you’ll be glad you did. 


We’ve made it easy to get started.   Sign up here for an introductory session to see if personalized coaching is right for you.  Individual support makes all the difference. 

Are you considering academic coaching services for your college-aged student? We understand you may have questions beforehand. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from parents and students:

Q: When should college academic coaching start?

Ideally, academic coaching for college students begins prior to their first semester of college—this ensures students are mentally prepared to hit the ground running and have a better sense of what’s expected of them academically. Students already taking college courses can still benefit immensely from academic coaching—it’s never too late to get started.

Q: How long are academic coaching sessions with Effective Students?

Life as a college student is busy, that’s why our college academic coaching services are designed to be flexible and work around your schedule. To begin, college academic coaching sessions occur once a week for 1 hour—depending on the student’s progress, sessions can later decrease to 30 minutes. 

Q: Where are Effective Students academic coaching services available?

Effective Students works with students in-person throughout the Atlanta area. For those who are not local, college coaches are available online serving student Nationwide!

Q: Where are Effective Students academic coaching services available?

Effective Students works with students in-person throughout the Atlanta area. For those who are not local, college coaches are available online serving student Nationwide!

Q: What is Executive Function in College? 

Are you unable to manage your schedule and execute on classes, projects, and exams? Executive Functioning skills will help you figure out how to manage sleep, time, class and a study schedule. These are all aspects of Executive Functioning.