• Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Lessons learned from Parents participating in the Effective Students Programs

  • Parent of 6th Grader

    Rachael was GREAT about giving feedback and positive reinforcement, and was able to keep _____ on track when her mind began to wander during sessions. Her tips for study skills were AMAZING! We really appreciated her willingness to educate us as parents, as well. Rachael was a mentor and coach to us as well, and helped us understand how we can better support _______ and her academic success.

  • AG, 7th Grade Parent - "Shock and Awe"

    “While driving in the car, much to my surprise, my 7th grader pulled out his planner and began to make entries.  I don’t know what they were but I was amazed!

    Shortly after, the song Hemorrhage by Fuel came on the radio.  When I told him what the word meant, he noted that his brain may have hemorrhaged recently from all of the recent activity :)”

  • Paige Overstreet, 5th and 8th Grade parent

    “I learned that kids do not understand time.  I learned how to help them to keep them from procrastinating!”

  • Parent of a 5th grade virtual learner in a competitive Atlanta-area private school (first initial used to protect student’s identity)

    “We had our conference with N’s teachers yesterday and it was SPECTACULAR!! N’s teacher said, ‘His tests are perfect. He always volunteers and helps other students. N is participating, putting in effort, his work is getting turned in. He is taking feedback and implementing it into his assignments. He checks his email. We wish all the students had a coach! He is engaged, happy, and confident.’ I know N is putting in the work but truly this would not have been possible without you. My brilliant, HAPPY, confident child is back. THANK YOU.”

  • Lisa Persons, 6th and 8th Grade Parent, Renfroe Middle School

    “This class has been a wakeup call to what it really takes to work smarter both for kids and parents.  I recommend both classes.  This has given my son some real handles to grab onto and me as well.”

  • Nancy B. Westfall, 7th Grade Parent, The Lovett School

    “There were several light bulb moments that were so basic – but shockingly helpful!  The things I learned I really wish I had learned in 6th grade.  My academic career would’ve been completely different.  I had no clue how to study or how to help my son study and now I can.

  • Marie Stafford, 7th and 10th Grade Parent

    “This course has been eye-opening.  Rachael Barron taught me concrete steps to take in order to help our whole family get organized.  Quite frankly, I wish I could have taken her course in 1981 as a middle schooler!  She is a wonderful resource for helping my children build organizational skills that schools don’t teach – but expect children to know!”

Administrator Testimonials

Lessons learned from Administrators and Educators who utilize Effective Students Programs

  • Testimony from one of our administrators

    The goal is to help students build strong and organized academic management skills. Learning executive functioning skills helps students achieve more academic success. However, my biggest takeaway is how this program can actually bleed over into other aspects of a student’s (or really anyone’s) life. The key for any of us – student or not – to be successful in life to use strategies to stay organized, admit and learn what we don’t know, analysis and forecast our time and learn how to adjust when certain strategies or actions are not working. The ability to internalize these skills as early as we can in a student will help them STAY successful as college students as well as working, professional adults. I love the intentionality of learning and infusing any person’s life with these skills and strategies as well as the idea of having the courage to admit and learn what you don’t know. There is power and confidence to be found for anyone to organize their work, identify and forecast their week and use skills/actions to learn what you don’t know. So empowering!

  • Answer from one of our teacher assessments

    The overall goal is to help students achieve success with academic content. (per page 5 of the manual) I have to add that the goal is broader and deeper than helping students and the success being purely academic. The students are people – future parents and business owners, and the success might manifest itself in academics right now, but we are helping to train habits of self-discipline that will allow these people to be successful in life. One never outgrows the need for good organization, good time management; nor the need to know oneself or to know what activities are effective for learning and how to self evaluate for equal or greater success in the future.

    The Effective Student Curriculum offers invaluable skills for planning for better execution. Starting on tasks and staying organized throughout the task. Self monitoring, perspective taking, staying focused, think before acting , being able to shift from one activity to another, emotional control, and retaining information and using it.

Student Testimonials

When asked about the biggest takeaway from the course, students said:

  • 9th Grade Student, Woodward Academy

    Thank you Mrs. Barron for helping me organize all my work and creating a plan for me to complete all my work at pace. I could not have done all that work without your help. Thank you for helping me finish the year strong.

  • 10th Grade Student, The Westminster School

    “I learned tools to not only be a better student but to increase my abilities as a student. This class has opened my eyes and helped me to change my learning techniques for a better end result.”

  • 10th Grade Student, Riverwood High School

    “My biggest takeaway from this class is that just reading isn’t studying.”

  • 7th Grade Student, The Lovett School

     “I learned better ways to study and better ways to plan things in this class.”

  • 10th Grade Student, The Lovett School

    “The best way to study is by studying actively using multiple senses.”

  • 10th Grade Student, The Westminster School

    “My biggest take away from this class is the binder organization system because in the past my binders and backpack have been messy and I tend to lose papers.”

  • 7th Grade Student, Woodward Academy

     “How to manage my time. How to plan.”

  • 8th Grade Student, St. Pius

    “To forecast your work and how to look ahead.”

  • 11th Grade Student, Atlanta Classical Academy

    “The most important thing that I learned is how to forecast. I think that will help me a lot in school.”

  • 10th Grade Student, St. Pius

    “I learned to read all of the instructions before beginning an assignment.”

  • M.S., Junior at Savannah College of Art & Design

    “This stuff is relevant no matter what your age / grade!” – 

  • 10th Grade Student, The Lovett School

    “The best way to study is by studying actively using multiple senses.”

  • 9th Grade Student, Paideia

    “Everything has its place.”

  • 7th Grade Student, Covenant Christian School

    “The most helpful thing was test analysis.”

  • R.P.

    “The most helpful thing I’ve learned in this class is test analysis. I don’t often learn from my mistakes and get better at a subject.”

  • 6th Grade Student at Holy Innocents Episcopal School

    This camp really helped me with notes and remembering more than I thought I would.  Notes and Forecasting really help.

  • 7th Grade Student at Holy Innocents Episcopal School

    The biggest thing I learned this week is that I found an easier way to study.

  • 6th Grade Student at Holy Innocents Episcopal

    Forecasting, making a schedule and the teachers

  • 7th Grade Student at The Lovett School

    My biggest takeaway from this are some study strategies and actions.

  • 7th Grade Student at Woodward Academy

    The project management session and better ways to study.

  • 6th Grade Student at The Westminster Schools

    Read questions and take your time before working on a test.

  • 11th Grade Student at Atlanta International School

    I learned that I need to be more mindful of what I need to do and the instructions.

  • 9th Grade Student at the Paideia School

    Organizational skills

  • 7th Grade Student at The Globe Academy

    Easier ways to study.

  • 7th Grade Student at The Cottage School


  • 6th Grade Student at Our Lady of Assumption

    To use my agenda and plan before tests.

  • 7th Grade Student at The Lovett School

    If you’re organized, you will do well on tests.

  • 8th Grade Student at Hendricks Middle

    I need to change my study habits for certain classes and that time is a finite resource.

  • 9th Grade Student at Innovation Academy

    I learned how to be more organized and better study skills.

  • 9th Grade Student at Mount Vernon

    Planning out projects in advance and forecasting.

  • 6th Grade Student at The Lovett School

    How to take notes and test analysis.

  • 7th Grader at Woodward Academy

    Learning to efficiently use the planner.

  • 7th Grader at Woodward Academy

    How to really study and learn the red pen thing helped the most.

  • 9th Grader at North Atlanta High School

    You have to know what you already know and what you don’t know to efficiently study.

  • 9th Grader at The Galloway School

    This class showed me that putting in effort, you can become an effective student.

  • 6th Grader at High Meadows School

    You have to do the work to get the grade.

  • 11th Grader at Woodward Academy

    I now have better study actions to help me become a better student.

  • 7th Grader at Saint Pauls

    I learned how to plan in advance.

  • 6th Grader at Barber Middle School

    Executive functions are important.

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