• Executive Functioning Camp

    Effective Students offers camps to help students develop the social emotional skills to succeed.

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Executive Function Skills

Grit and Growth Mindset Camp

Executive functions are skills that develop from early adolescence through young adulthood that involve self regulation, perspective taking, planning & prioritizing and task completion. Studies show that executive functioning skills are the leading indicators of long term success.  

Effective Students,  offers a ½ day camp where students learn about executive functions and how they can begin building these skills within themselves.  Topics addressed include: 

  • Perspective-taking -seeing things from another person’s point of view
  • Growth mindset and building resilience 
  • Self control & emotional regulation
  • Impulse control & squirrels
  • Self evaluation of strengths, struggles and how students are unique
  • Basic components of becoming an Effective Student™ 
  • Building a successful at home school work environment. 
  • Measuring quality work 
  • Tips and tricks for getting work done efficiently.  
  • Reinforcement activities and skill building

Executive Functioning Skills Camp  for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students

Please contact us if you would like to host an Executive Function Skills camp at your school.

SUMMER – Grit and Growth Mindset Camp 

Appropriate ages: RISING 4th, 5th and 6th grade students

Four sessions from which to choose!

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Effective Students Camp

Social Emotional Learning Skills

Elementary School Students

Students with ADHD often struggle with pursuing goals and sticking with it, impulsivity, self awareness, emotional regulation, making strong friendships and understanding how they appear in class.  The Grit and Growth Mindset Camp is specifically structured to build goal directed persistence, awareness of impulsivity and how to make intentional choices, while practicing flexible thinking activities together as a small group.  These critical skills prepare students for social success when school resumes.  

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