Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Functioning

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Common Terms About Executive Functions

What are Executive Function Skills?

Sometimes referred to as ‘self-management skills’, executive functions refers to a wide range of cognitive abilities affecting planning and executing, memory, critical thinking, and one’s ability to exercise self-control. These abilities are considered essential to function throughout school, work, and everyday life. Students who struggle with executive function may have difficulties starting or stopping tasks, focusing and following directions.

What is an Academic Coach?

Great question! An academic coach works alongside a student to help them apply their learning to current academic demands. Coaches do it WITH a student, not FOR.

What is a Tutor?

An instructor responsible for helping a student improve in a specific subject area, such as science or math.

Example: Tina is working with a tutor to help improve her performance in English class.

What are time management skills?

Time management refers to one’s ability to manage time limits and adhere to imposed deadlines; considered an essential skill for students as it applies to preparing for assessments and completing assignments on time.

Example: Toby has been using the Effective Student Method to improve his time management as it relates to completing homework assignments, going to bed at a reasonable hour and managing his own screen time.

If you are looking to improve time management skills, try our time management worksheet and exercise, for free!

What are study skills?

Study skills acquired by a student that enables him/her to create and/or identify an effective activity to learn material specific to a subject or type of content. Study skills must include retrieval practice to verify efficacy of strategy and must be specific to and appropriate for content type (vocabulary vs math problems). Study skills are developed like any other skills and require intentional practice and instruction. Study skills are necessary for students to be successful in school but are rarely directly taught.

What are organization skills?

Having a system to categorize information and materials.

Example: Organization helps students reduce anxiety, save time, better manage their assignments and keep track of upcoming due dates.

About the Effective Students Method

How does Effective Students help focus on studying?

The Effective Student™ Method helps students identify and eliminate everyday distractions that are especially pervasive in today’s virtual world. Simple organizational strategies for students include maintaining a quiet, tidy room, using headphones, utilizing a standing desk, and sitting on a bouncing ball—even listening to classical music. We work with each student to find winning strategies, building better study habits that last a lifetime.

Is an Academic Coach the same thing as a tutor?

No! An Academic Coach is focused on teaching a student to become independent. A tutor is focused on having the student succeed in a specific class(es). We like to use the example of teaching a student to fish instead of feeding them for a day.

Does my child need an Academic Coach?

We recommend academic coaching for any student, whether they’re already successful or struggling. Our proprietary method not only sets students up for short term successes in school, but also teaches them lifelong skills they’ll take with them down the road.

How can my student develop good study habits?

Habits are something one can do without thinking. It takes 3,000 repetitions for students to develop habits. The Effective Student™ Method addresses the cycle of learning as 1) practice, 2) awareness, 3) adjustments, and 4) repetition across all four focus areas of: Organization, Time Management, Study Skills, and Test Analysis.

What age group is best suited for The Effective Student™ Method?

The Effective Student™ Method is appropriate for grades 4-12 as well as those in college.

Will the Effective Student™ course help my child who has ADHD?

Organizational skills training for children with ADHD is a key step to their development and independence. The Effective Student™ course will help your child organize and manage their time, while learning how to prioritize and forecast when tasks should be done. Each lesson is roughly 15 minutes and designed for small successes to empower students step by step.

How long will it take my child to go through the course?

The course is self-directed and should take around 5 hours of total coursework to obtain the Effective Student™ Certificate. However, we suggest 15-30 minutes per week for 6-12 weeks for the most effective learning and implementation style. You will have access to the course for 12 weeks total, and access to the community for one year.

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