what is academic coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

A few months ago, when people would ask me what I do, I used to say “I’m a tutor,” because it sounded appropriate and seemed close enough to ‘Academic Coach’ without having to go into too much detail. After all, a tutor and an Academic Coach are basically the same thing, right?

Well, yes. But also, no.

I came to realize pretty soon that the difference between a tutor and an Academic Coach is actually significant – and crucial. Whereas a tutor may help a student in a specific subject as needed to help them finish their homework, earn a better grade, and make Mom and/or Dad happy, an Academic Coach aims for something that extends beyond just temporary success.

Learning Tools for Improving Executive Functions

As Academic Coaches at Effective Students, we strive to provide instruction that equips students with valuable learning tools that won’t just get them through the week, but which last a lifetime — tools that students can personalize and use independently as they progress not only through middle and high school, but also college and eventually in the workforce.  When a student feels confident and organized, they are more open to apply time management strategies, practice different study skills as well as plan and prioritize.

I always share with my students my own current experiences at work and college, because the lessons I’ve learned through this curriculum have never stopped being important. I use them almost every single day – and when I don’t… it shows. I’ve also realized there is always room to grow and improve.

As an Academic Coach, I seek to help my students set goals to reach their full potential while appreciating the benefit of developing a lifelong learning toolkit. Help a student finish their homework and they’ll get a good grade the next day – but if you inspire and train them to use the tools for success, they’ll be a more effective student for life.

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