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Want To Get Ahead?

Students: Enrich Your Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Function skills are a key indicator of long term student success.  To help students develop the skills to manage academic demands and reduce stress, Effective Students is excited to announce our longest running and most popular, Effective Student Workshop™. This four part series provides essential instruction for students to improve skills like time management, organization and learning how to study.  

Working directly with our panel of seasoned educators, trained in the Effective Students Method™, students receive direct instruction, the opportunity to practice key lessons, resources for the school year, access to the online course for refreshers as needed and expert guidance to respond successfully to academic demands. 

Effective Student Workshop

Academic Management Skills

Middle & High School Students

Even bright students can become overwhelmed in school, making it difficult for them to show their strengths. Effective Student Workshops help students develop essential executive functioning skills specific to academic management to establish and reach their educational goals and preparing them to overcome challenges. Workshops are held in person in Atlanta, GA over four sessions.  Parents attend the last 15 minutes so they understand what the students have learned and know how to help them follow through.

  • 8 hours of direct live instruction in how to:
    • Organize materials (hard copy and online),
    • Manage time, plan ahead & prioritize
    • Study efficiently
    • Evaluate performance and set academic goals
    • Think flexibly
    • Self advocate
    • Exercises for self-monitoring & self-awareness
  • Effective Student Workbook & Planner, Online Course & Binder Kit
  • Exercises practicing how to evaluate resources, plan and prioritize
  • Study Skills students can apply right away
  • Collaboration with parents at the end of every session


“I learned tools to not only be a better student but to increase my abilities as a student. This class has opened my eyes and helped me to change my learning techniques for a better end result.”


“How to manage my time. How to plan.”


 “I learned better ways to study and better ways to plan things in this class.”

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Here’s what real students say about Effective Students Workshops:

  • “My biggest takeaway from this class is that reading is not studying” Riverwood 10th grader
  • “I learned better ways to study and better ways to plan things in this class” The Lovett School 7th grader
  • “How to slow down and follow all instructions” Woodward Academy 7th grader
  • “My biggest takeaway from this class is the binder organization system because in the past, my binders and backpack have been messy and I tend to lose papers.” Westminster Schools 10th grader
  • “I now know how important it is to study.” Wesleyan School 7th grader
  • “My biggest take away from this class is organization.  Last year I had too many missing assignments” E. Rivers Elementary 5th grader 
  • “Keep your stuff in its respective place and only touch it once.” Fulton Science Academy 8th grader
  • “Always read instructions” Atlanta Classical Academy 6th grader
  • “I feel more organized and when I get to class, I already know all my classwork and my calendar are together, ready for class.” Atlanta International School 9th grader
  • “I was a pocket stuffer and now I have an amazing binder that makes everything easier.  It makes turning in homework, studying for tests and exams will be easy because I won’t have to scavenge for papers.”  Atlanta International School 9th grader