How Effective Students Can Help Students Succeed Academically

Our Students

Students want to be successful but may struggle to show their full potential. Being successful is even more challenging if they struggle with Executive Functions, ADHD or general study skills. Before starting with Effective Students™, they were:

  • Overwhelmed by school
  • Studying but not getting the grades they want
  • Anxious and did not know where to begin
  • Lost in time and space
  • Missing important deadlines and assignments
  • Emotionally shutting down

Hear from One of our Students Who Learned to: 

  • Lead himself
  • Plan ahead and organize his time
  • Study efficiently and effectively, not longer
  • Invest only 15 minutes each week applying what he learned
  • Become academically independent to experience a better relationship with his parents
  • Use his school resources to his advantage
  • Get better grades

The Effective Student™ course was designed with your busy schedule in mind.  

Getting better grades does not always mean studying more, it means learning how to study effectively and get the most out of the time you have.  Want to learn more? 

Take the stress out of academics.  Sign up for the online course and book a Certified Coach.  We are here to help! 

Ready to get started?
Four simple steps can get you there:

Do you want more independence in education?

Improve your study skills and gain the focus to reach your full academic potential. It’s really that simple. Join the Effective Students course and schedule coaching sessions at times that work for you!