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What parents are saying…

“Look who is an academic rockstar!!!!!  So proud of her effort!!!  She has come such a long way.   We look forward to slowly letting the guardrails down as she continues to develop strong study skills and becomes more independent.  I’m so happy for her.  She can finally see that she is capable.  It’s not easy and it takes a lot of consistent effort but she’s doing it!  Thank you for always having her back.  Thank you for caring enough to encourage and support her.   Thank you for not giving up on her.  In 3rd grade… She couldn’t read and was two years behind in math.  What a difference!  Thank you so much!!!!!” 

L. P. Parent of 6th grader

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What to Expect from Our Academic Coaching Programs

Each academic success coach is trained to apply the Effective Student™ Method. Our team is made up from a group of successful professionals, educators, counselors, and graduate students who are eager to share their knowledge with the younger generation of students with a focus on building academic success.  Coaching is available in person and virtually.  

Here is what you can expect from our coaches:

  • Inquire – We identify each student’s goals, obstacles, and frustrations. 
  • Clarify – We act as interpreters, clarifying for students what is being asked of them.   
  • Scaffold – We help develop organizational skills for students, giving them the autonomy to break down big projects into manageable parts so they can successfully complete larger tasks.
  • Model – We demonstrate how to create good study habits so students can independently put them into practice.
  • Measure & quantify – We gauge what challenges need to be addressed by the student and closely monitor their success. 
  • Encourage – We give students the motivation they need to try something new, to persevere and to self-advocate.  
  • Communicate – We help students and parents create shared goals and act as facilitators, joining the positive intent of both sides. 
  • Celebrate – We take pride in your student’s success and efforts; building grit – the ability to persevere when things get difficult.  
Student tutor academic coach

What does an academic coach do?

An academic coach helps students approach and manage academic demands. Students who may benefit from a coach are usually:

  • struggling to manage materials or assignments
  • struggling to apply what they’re learning
  • unaware of what is interfering with their success
  • resistant to help from parents 
  • transitioning to a new environment (college, high school, new school)

At times, tensions between parents and students interfere with learning. An academic coach can offer a neutral, fresh perspective helping the student re-engage academically.   

Transitioning to the next educational level

One of the biggest challenges students face is transitioning, especially those with executive functioning challenges or with ADHD.  To be successful at the next level, Middle School, High School or even College, understanding what lies ahead and preparing to meet the challenges are key to success.  Skills such as  being able to plan and prioritize, manage time, self advocate and resist distractions grow in importance at each level.   If your student struggled to recover from distance learning, an academic coach can help with accountability, encouragement and guidelines can help your student get back on on course.

An Academic Coach is a Mentor

An Academic Coach focuses on teaching students a process and giving them the space and time to practice, leading to skills and independence.  An academic coach works alongside a student to help them apply their academic management skills to current demands. Coaches do it WITH a student, not FOR.  Tutors are typically focused on having the student succeed in a specific class.  Academic coaching can be appropriate for many types of students, whether they’re already successful or struggling. We like to use the example of teaching a student to fish instead of feeding them for a day.

At an Initial Consultation, we discuss what to expect from Effective Student Certified Coach, how to partner with a coach for student success and answer questions. Students complete an initial self-evaluation to determine their level of self awareness and current functioning. Parents share observations, concerns and goals for coaching sessions and student outcomes.

Effective Students is unique because we follow a proven, step by step method to ensure students increase independence over time.

The Coaching Journey…

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