effective student method in 2021

The Effective Student Method™ is a Game Changer!

Executive Functioning Goals in 2021 and Beyond

2020 was a year that brought a plethora of changes. We experienced changes with our jobs, our families, and certainly a lot of changes with school. We went from going to school in the traditional way one day to suddenly being thrust into a nation-wide lockdown and all-new virtual learning. In most cases, this was decided over the weekend, sending teachers and parents into a tailspin about the best ways to educate our children. We all learned to appreciate the school systems a little more than we had before, and we also learned that we can be quite innovative when we need to be.

2020 also brought me into a new season, launching a nonprofit benefitting the disability community and a new, adventurous career change. During this transition, I reconnected with a great friend, Rachael Barron, to discover that she had launched a course and curriculum, Effective Student, dedicated to building executive functioning skills in students.

After one conversation about the Effective Student Method™, I knew I wanted to become an academic coach, training students in this reliable process.  As a certified teacher, with a Masters in inclusion and a parent of a high school student with ADHD, I had witnessed first hand the critical importance executive functions play in student success.

Modern Academic Coaching

Becoming an academic coach has been both encouraging and rewarding personally and professionally.  Using this powerful, step by step process, I have observed students rapidly moving toward academic independence.  The units taught throughout build the skills needed for life and success… skills that we often think come naturally to kids. They don’t. Students need explicit teaching in how to improve executive functioning skills so they can experience success and relief from anxiety and stress. Whether students need help with high school preparation or assistance developing study skills for middle school, modern academic coaching solutions are more important than ever in this remote learning environment.

The Effective Student Method™: This Way ⇒  Forward

As a result of becoming certified as an academic coach, I have even implemented the strategies into my own life. The program has made me more effective in managing my many hats as a parent, nonprofit executive officer, academic coach, caregiver to adults with disabilities and wife. I am now better able to keep up with deadlines, appointments, and upcoming projects.  Watching students improve their academic achievement in a matter of weeks, is the icing on the cake.  Overall, grades improved, students experienced a reduction in school and family stress, and an increase in their effectiveness in managing school. This curriculum and these students are truly a game changer!

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