We help all students succeed through our proven method

The Effective StudentMethod

The Effective Student™ Method simplifies academic management through a step by step curriculum that measures success so students can track their results and experience improvement right away. Success encourages students to continue with the program as they become more capable and independent. The Effective Student™ Method is appropriate for grades 4-12 as well as those in college. Our proprietary method helps all students succeed—whether they are struggling academically or looking to accelerate their performance, our academic coaching gives them the tools they need to achieve their executive functioning goals. 

Created for students, the Effective Student Online Course helps students:

  • struggling to manage materials or assignments
  • struggling to apply what they’re learning
  • unaware of what is interfering with their success
  • resistant to help from parents
  • who have been diagnosed with ADHD (read more)

The Effective Student online course

  • Build confidence and take charge of your learning
  • 6 Interactive lessons moving from simple to more complex so students gain confidence
  • Access asynchronous lessons through a secure Learning Management System
  • Instructional videos to keep attention
  • Exercises to help students apply the process to today’s demands
  • Quizzes to check for understanding and what students have learned
  • Online workbook and materials included
  • Pacing Guide for Parents and Students
  • Book Synchronous Live Private Coaching Sessions (additional fee)
  • Come back for refreshers as often as needed
Effective Student Course
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