Effective Student Athletes Leadership Training for High School & College Teams

How would your team perform if your athletes had the ability to:

  • Effectively manage their time to optimize focus in practice
  • Have a GPA that would enhance their recruitment opportunities
  • Develop self-leadership skills critical to succeed at the next level

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The Effective Student Athlete is an leadership training course where team members learn to:

  • Understand their learning styles to effectively set academic goals
  • Evaluate their competencies across 6 domains to target improvement
  • Identify, pursue and access resources
  • Receive instruction and personal tutoring to practice targeted opportunities
  • Measure their self-leadership abilities through the lens of developing academic grit
  • Utilize tools to self monitor, self advocate and hold themselves and each other accountable

 Prepare your athletes for their future

Pricing is team specific.

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The Effective Athlete Program includes:

  • 12 hours of direct instruction with a variety of deployment options
  • Reporting on athletes’ progress with recommendations post program
  • Sport-specific instruction for Football, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Wrestling, Soccer and Gymnastics
  • Online course with tools and resources to revise time planning pre/during/post season or during change of sport with study plans and activities throughout the semesters and specific for exams.
  • Participant workbooks with exercises and materials for each unit

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