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How to foster self-management skills

Self-management skills, also known as executive functions are the ability to plan and execute, complete tasks, fulfill a long term goal (delayed gratification), while staying emotionally regulated.  Today’s challenging educational environment exposes and compounds students’ difficulties in this area.  So what does a parent when do when they see their virtual learner struggling to:

  • Stay engaged with academics
  • Complete assignments and/or grades dropping
  • Keep their school work, desk, online resources tidy and organized
  • Feel accomplished

Here are a few tips to that may help at home:

1) Modeling – kids watch more than they listen. As parents, we forget the power of leading by example.  Watching you work, feeling empowered by completing a single task at a time in a distraction free environment helps.  If you have quiet work, ‘heads down’ work, do that in the same room as your learner.

2) Engines are contagious – the more focused you are, the more focused they will be and vice versa;

3) Use classical music as background to help with attention and pacing.  If your student tends to complete tasks too quickly, use slower music.  If they take a bit long, use a faster beat to keep them on task;

4) Discuss a possible work/break cycle.  How long can your student stay on task?  A good rule of thumb is 30-45 min but each student is different.  Use of the kitchen timer to manage expectations can prevent arguments.  Breaks include movement – separation from screen time.

5) Set aside time to get organized together.

Executive Functions are the number one indicator of long term student success.

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