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How the Top 5 Trends in Education Connect to Effective Students’ Executive Function Curriculum

Recently, an article was published on EHL Insights entitled “5 Trends in Education that Continue in 2022” (Debetaz, 2022).  The article centers around trends that educators should focus on in order to maintain engaging learning environments. While these trends of course connect to classroom learning, the Effective Student Executive Function Curriculum incorporates each of these […]

Executive Functioning Lessons for Success

It seems as early as elementary school, students are hearing about how they need to be “prepared for the future”.  The pressures of getting into advanced courses begin, even at the start of middle school. Students are then encouraged to focus on college preparation and readiness. With all of this focus on success in the […]

Why Executive Function is the Bridge Between SEL & Academic Success

You’ve seen it on social media, news segments, and #teacherinsta – teachers greeting students at the door with individualized handshakes, students taking time to share stories about their lives at class meetings, or groups of students rapping together in unison when learning a new concept.  Beyond being engaging academically, all of these strategies also appeal […]

5 Easy Steps for Teaching Executive Functioning In the Classroom

As teachers, we are charged with the day to day responsibility of helping our students learn, making topics they might find uninteresting – interesting.  Over the past year, we’ve experienced how challenging it can be to keep our students engaged and ourselves motivated.  So, how in the world could we possibly add one more thing […]