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    Summer Executive Function workshops are back to prepare your student for success next school year!

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    Executive Function Skills and Expert Coaching Support for Online and Onsite Learners.

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The Effective Student program combines an Online Executive Function Skills Course along with Expert Coaching in support of online, onsite and place-based learners.

Rachael Barron

Why Executive Function Skills and Coaching?

Rachael Barron—parent, seasoned academic coach, and former educational advocate—created the Effective Student Method, providing students and parents a proven resource to master executive function skills. Through a series of fun, engaging, and uniquely structured online courses, any student can learn how to work smarter and direct their own future academic pursuits. We’ve made it easy to improve critical skills like time management, study habits, and overall organization.

The Effective Student program can provide:

  • Increased Academic Achievement

  • Increased Memory Function

  • Increased Self Awareness

  • Increased Collaboration

  • Better Behavior and Focus

  • Better Emotional Management

  • Better Stress Management

  • Better Problem Solving

The Effective Student™ Method simplifies academic management through a step-by-step curriculum combined with expert coaching that measures success, so students can track their results and experience improvement right away.


With Effective Students, you’ll learn an easy, step-by-step process to take charge of your education.


Your child can master essential academic skills in as little as 15 minutes per week.


Created by experienced educators, each unit includes mini-lessons, assessments, grading rubrics, and teaching resources.

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Did you know?

Today, students are required to manage increasing amounts of information in hard copy as well as electronically—online and on their devices. For those to whom this does not come easily, skill development in organization, planning, time management and study skills can be taught!

“This class has been a wakeup call to what it really takes to work smarter both for kids and parents. I recommend both classes. This has given my son some real handles to grab onto and me as well.”

Lisa Persons6th and 8th Grade Parent, Renfroe Middle School

My academic career would’ve been completely different. I had no clue how to study or how to help my son study and now I can.”

Nancy B. Westfall7th Grade Parent, Lovett

“I learned how to study and remember things; how to be responsible for my activities/schedule; how to keep things together and remember where they are.”

9th Grade StudentDecatur High School

“I learned tools to not only be a better student but to increase my abilities as a student.  This class has opened my eyes and helped me to change my learning techniques for a better end result.”

10th Grade StudentThe Westminster School

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