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    Effective Students offers workshops to help students and teachers prepare for success throughout the year.

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How does a workshop help my student?

Students & Educators: Enrich Your Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Function skills are a key indicator of long term student success. Many students feel they are the only ones to struggle with executive functioning skills.  When students join a workshop, they recognize they are not alone.  In a small group setting, students see that others are intentionally building their academic management skills – each with their own strengths. 

Workshops teach the steps to successful self direction.  Students are challenged to consider how they want to implement what they’ve learned to the school environment and give feedback in each session as to the impact of what they’ve learned.  Between classes, students have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned to experience improved results.  

Working directly with our panel of seasoned educators, trained in the Effective Students Method™, participants receive the lessons, practice, tools for instruction, and expert guidance needed to building executive function skills in key areas, including:

Time management                        Flexible thinking                               Organization

Test Taking Strategies                 Impulse control                                 Study Skills

Self-monitoring                        Planning & prioritization                Taking Notes

 Performance Assessment                        Project Management


Effective Students™ Workshop

Academic Management Skills

Middle & High School Students

Even bright students can become overwhelmed in school, making it difficult for them to show their strengths. The Effective Students™ Workshop is the teaching phase of how to become successful and make school efficient.   Since parents are a critical part of supporting their students learning at home, they return at the end of the class so they understand how to help students follow through and practice what they’ve learned.   Workshops are held in person in Atlanta, GA over four sessions.  

Is my student a good workshop candidate?

A workshop may be appropriate for your student if he/she…

  • Is not efficient organizing and planning ahead and those who don’t know how to study. 
  • Needs accelerated instruction about how to implement successful strategies immediately.
  • Likes to figure out things on their own but are struggling to do so.
  • Is not listening to parent suggestions. 
  • Is transitioning or has recently transitioned to a new grade but are not seeing success with their efforts.

What is included?  

  • 8 hours of direct instruction.
  • Effective Student Workbook, Online Course & Binder Kit
  • Effective Students™ Planner
  • Exercises practicing how to evaluate resources, plan and prioritize
  • Skills students can apply right away
  • Collaboration with parents at the end of every session

What if my student needs support after the workshop?

How students are supported post workshop is customized for each participant.  Parents the workshop instructor and the student collaborate on best practices based on the student’s age, grade and level of independence with what they have learned.   Options include but are not limited to students meeting with a coach virtually or in person at a regularly scheduled time or as needed or attending a weekly structured class to be held supported as they practice planning ahead and following through with studying. 


Here’s what real students say about Effective Students Workshops:

  • “My biggest takeaway from this class is that reading is not studying” Riverwood 10th grader
  • “I learned better ways to study and better ways to plan things in this class” The Lovett School 7th grader
  • “How to slow down and follow all instructions” Woodward Academy 7th grader
  • “My biggest takeaway from this class is the binder organization system because in the past, my binders and backpack have been messy and I tend to lose papers.” Westminster Schools 10th grader
  • “I now know how important it is to study.” Wesleyan School 7th grader
  • “My biggest take away from this class is organization.  Last year I had too many missing assignments” E. Rivers Elementary 5th grader 
  • “Keep your stuff in its respective place and only touch it once.” Fulton Science Academy 8th grader
  • “Always read instructions” Atlanta Classical Academy 6th grader
  • “I feel more organized and when I get to class, I already know all my classwork and my calendar are together, ready for class.” Atlanta International School 9th grader
  • “I was a pocket stuffer and now I have an amazing binder that makes everything easier.  It makes turning in homework, studying for tests and exams will be easy because I won’t have to scavenge for papers.”  Atlanta International School 9th grader