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Download the My Available Time exercise by Effective Students and start improving time management skills right away. In the download you’ll get a free time management worksheet,  an example worksheet and a lesson plan that teachers can use with students.  This package will help students build a strong time management foundation, an asset which will set students, teachers and parents, up for success.

What is a Time Management Worksheet for Students?

Just like budgeting money, a time management worksheet will help evaluate your current use of time, preparing you to make the intentional plans needed to accomplish tasks. When you can visualize your time and tasks in one place, it reduces anxiety, increasing your ability to problem solve and complete assignments.

Follow these simple steps to use the time management worksheet:

  1. Download the free time management worksheet.
  2. List all academic, extracurricular, and personal responsibilities during a typical week in the Activities column.
  3. Allocate time blocks within the student time management worksheet to complete these responsibilities.

What students are saying they learned when taking our courses…

  • 7th Grade Student, Woodward Academy

    “How to manage my time. How to plan.”

  • 11th Grade Student, Atlanta Classical Academy

    “The most important thing that I learned is how to forecast. I think that will help me a lot in school.”

Teachers Can Download the Time Management Lesson Plan for Free

How is it possible to teach a time management lesson when there is so little time in the day? My Available Time lesson by Effective Students makes this effort practical because it can be completed in 15-20 minutes in the classroom or as homework and lead to favorable time management for students in the long term.

Interested in using this free resource for your students? Get the lesson plan with hooks, time management worksheet for students, directions for the activity and an example.

Meet the founder

Rachael Barron

Rachael Barron

Founder, Principal Executive Function Coach & Author of The Effective Student™ Curriculum

A graduate of Emory University, Rachael has spent her professional career coaching and solving complex educational problems. She excels at helping individual students and families find educational success.

Prior to founding Effective Students, Rachael solved complex educational problems in her role as an educational advocate mastering the maze of finding solutions for families within Georgia’s public and private schools, helping the most difficult learners find success.

Rachael now spends all of her time working with children, young adults, and families who are focused on achieving success in their school environment and acquiring a set of self-management skills that last a lifetime.

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