Press Release: Charlotte, NC & College Admissions Counseling with Fine Educational Solutions

Dear Friends of Effective Students,

Effective Students opens a new location in Charlotte, NC providing trusted academic coaching and executive function workshops to students. In collaboration with Fine Educational Solutions, Effective Students expands offerings to include college counseling holistic career counseling services to students nationwide.  

ATLANTA, GA – [Feb. 6, 2024] – Effective Students brings nearly thirty years of combined executive function expertise to the Charlotte area through academic coaching and workshops. 

Effective Students™ helps build executive function skills so students can become self-directed and successful learners. Executive functions are a set of mental processes that enable us to set goals, develop plans and follow through. Students who seek a competitive edge or those who struggle to respond successfully to academic demands benefit from personalized instruction to do so. 

Students often want to do well in school but struggle to manage their time effectively or even know how to study. From learning efficient ways to study to planning ahead while staying emotionally regulated, students can be better equipped and more motivated to engage. 

Personalized coaching can help students overcome challenges and work through frustrations.  When students overcome challenges, they take a step toward developing Academic Grit. Effective Students™ partners with families to help students develop the confidence and competence to succeed. 

To support clients nationwide as they pursue post secondary opportunities, Effective Students has partnered with Fine Educational Solutions, a leading expert in College Admissions Counseling and Holistic Career Counseling. 

“Selecting the right partner is critical to ensure quality guidance and support and families as they intentionally prepare their young adults to flourish” shared Rachael Barron, founder of Effective Students.  “The role of executive function skills and college success are interdependent.  Selecting an expert in the field of executive functions ensures our students are understood and have the best opportunity for success at the next level.”

“We are excited to join forces with Effective Students to offer a research-based approach to executive function coaching in Charlotte,” said Dr. Kathy Fine, principal at Fine Educational Solutions. “This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing tailored educational support that empowers students to reach their full potential.”

With the strategic guidance Fine Educational Solutions brings and the exceptional experience of Effective Students in areas of learning differences and ADHD, this partnership provides students, educators and parents seamless support for well-rounded educational support to a larger audience of students in the US and internationally.  

Effective Students Charlotteis conveniently located near the Park Road Shopping Center.

About Effective Students

Effective Students provides individualized coaching and support for students who seek to gain competitive advantage as well as those with learning difficulties, such as ADHD, to advance their executive functioning skills.  Learn more by visiting the Effective Students website

About Fine Educational Solutions

Fine Educational Solutions is a college admissions counseling service that aims to provide students with a reflection of their personal and professional goals, helping them to gain a sense of direction and understanding of themselves and their future. Learn more by visiting the Fine Educational Solutions website