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Study Skills for Literature

Learning about literature is a requirement throughout middle, high school and college.  Learning how to apply study actions to literature coursework may not come easily for some students but it is a skill that can be developed.  These instructional sessions are dedicated to helping your student complete a summer reading book while learning how to apply study actions such as: 

  • annotating
  • summarizing key points in chapters
  • building character charts
  • finding pertinent quotations 
  • building vocabulary
  • identifying themes
  • literary elements

With practice and dedicated instruction, students learn how to apply these study skills to enjoy literature.  

Study Skills for Literature sessions – rising 5th – 10th grade students

Study Skills for Math

Learning math and building study skills around Math empowers students to master what is challenging.  While students may not use complex math as adults, math does teach problem solving, step by step processes and the value of practice. 

If your student struggle to work independently on Math, this workshop will help them build confidence to tackle math problems as they learn to apply study actions.  The goal is to teach students what it means to ‘study’ math. Students learn by doing so bring those summer math packets!

Study Skills Sessions for Math – rising 5th 9th grade students